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The Kernberglauf is a fun run in the Kernberg in the east of the city of Jena with two main runs over 15 and 27 km. The shorter route (4–5 km) intended for the younger generation in 1997 has been offered as a public run since 2006.

In 1975 students met on the Kernberg to train for the Rennsteiglauf . With the meeting, the first Jena running group was founded, which was later integrated into the university. Since the Jena students did well at the Rennsteiglauf, the running group was firmly integrated. The Jenaers then organized the Kernberglauf for the first time in 1977 as a counterpart to the Rennsteiglauf with two routes of 25 and 50 km. Until 1989 it was dedicated to the memory of the communist resistance fighter Magnus Poser from Jena ; his wife Lydia Poser was the patron.

The 25-km route has remained essentially to this day and ran from the Fürstenbrunnen over the Johannisberg to the Lobdeburg and then to Drackendorf and the Steinkreuz. The 50 km route initially ran over Schöngleina Airport and the Fuchsturm , but was shortened to 40 km in 1981.

In 1990 the 40 km route was taken out of the program. In 1992 a shorter route of 13 km was introduced, which has remained unchanged since the following year of 15 km. In 1994 the start and finish area was relocated to the new university sports center in the Oberaue and the main run was extended to 27 km.

The main run of 15 km has been limited to 800 participants since 2002 due to the narrow paths in the later course. There is no participant limit for the 27 km route. In the 15 km run, 250 meters in altitude have to be overcome, in the 27 km run over 400 meters in altitude.

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