Core team

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As a core team ( Engl. Core team ) or core project team is called the group of people in a company or project that bears the main work on the progress and coordinated.

In projects , the core team consists of the people who work constantly on the project and are also involved in the control processes of the project ( project management ).

In the case of complex, large-scale projects or interdisciplinary topics (e.g. in research projects ), it is beneficial to organize an extended project team . Its members who are not themselves in the core team usually only have to provide dedicated partial services. For this purpose z. This includes, for example, bringing in experience from related fields , cooperation in rarely used methods or measurement procedures , providing a delivery, interfaces to systems external to the project, or testers who only test certain aspects of the project or system during a test phase .

These people can be subject to the control processes of the project, but this is not necessary in every case. So-called delivery agreements could also have been concluded, so that the project manager only receives and checks the service, but not its creation process.

The term core team is also used in other areas, such as Action 365 working groups .