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Subject area (also subject area or subject area or domain ) is the knowledge area encompassing a certain subject .


While general knowledge can be applied to different situations, a subject area contains area-specific knowledge that can usually not be used for other purposes. All human knowledge includes all imaginable topics. In order to categorize them in terms of content, they are assigned to subject areas, each of which is separated from one another by a more or less homogeneous subject area. This is strictly formally applied to scientific disciplines, the individual sciences . Like a subject area, they contain subject areas that are delimited from one another and on which teaching , research and practice specialize . In the university area, the subject is the content-based area of ​​a subject . However, individual subject areas cannot always be clearly delimited from one another, so that there are cross-disciplinary subject areas. So that is marriage in fields such as law , sociology , ethics or religion studied, each discipline their goal of knowledge selects associated aspects. This sometimes requires the organization of new subject areas that specialize in a previously overlapping subject. Interdisciplinary subject areas try to jointly develop a certain area of ​​knowledge within the framework of interdisciplinarity .


The entirety of the literature published on a subject is called specialist literature (in contrast to non-fiction literature ). It usually uses a specific technical language . Under professional competence is the ability to act appropriately in a given subject area. However, someone who has a high level of professional competence in a subject does not automatically have a high level of decision-making competence . An expert is when someone has above-average knowledge in a subject area or several specific subject indexes or special skills . You are suitable as an expert . A specialist idiot is someone who can only judge a problem from the perspective of his specialist area. Departments of an organization that specialize in a certain subject area as part of the division of labor are referred to as departments.

Areas of expertise in education

Subjects in everyday working life

  • In the profession , the subject is spoken of, an internal differentiation in state-recognized professions.
  • In technology , one speaks of technical subject areas .
  • A specialist area of ​​the craft is called specialist craft .

Subjects as an organizational form

A distinction is made between departments of organizations:


There are various classifications for exploring subject areas, such as the Universal Decimal Classification and the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). The DDC organizes knowledge first by subject, then by topic in a hierarchical structure that progresses from general knowledge to specialist knowledge.

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