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Individual science (also: discipline , subject , specialist science ) is a separate subject in the academic educational landscape , especially at universities .


The science is since ancient times broken down into sections. In the course of research and the development of technological possibilities, more and more individual sciences were opened up or spun off from the existing ones and made independent.

There are various classifications for classifying the sciences, for example the Dewey Decimal Classification . Earlier authors spoke of a tree of science and the division into individual and universal science . A rough classification distinguishes the humanities , natural sciences , human sciences and structural sciences .

A distinction is made between individual sciences that are taught at universities (academic subject) and sciences that are only pursued outside of universities.

The classification of a field of knowledge as a science is often controversial. The discussion conducted for this is part of the scientific debate and, if conducted objectively, promotes the subjects involved.

Since the second half of the 20th century, the abundance of individual sciences that has arisen over time has often also been perceived as fragmentation. Since then, the interdisciplinary cooperation of the individual sciences has become increasingly important.

There are also interdisciplinary disciplines that are a mixture of different subject areas, for example business informatics , which in addition to a core of its own content also includes parts from computer science , mathematics , economics and communication science . The traffic sciences integrate individual sciences such as traffic technology , traffic education , traffic psychology , traffic law or traffic policy .

In a narrower sense, the term individual science denotes a counter-term to philosophy . This sees itself as a universal science, which, in contrast to the individual science, is not limited to specific sections of reality and, in its questions, falls back on the individual sciences.

Content that gives knowledge object the work area in front of a single science. All efforts to secure and expand knowledge through analyzes and theories are related to this object of knowledge.


Humanities ( cultural studies )

Excavations at Tommarp Monastery in Sweden

According to languages ​​and cultural areas

Human sciences


Weltstadthaus P&C in Cologne, architect: Renzo Piano
mechatronic system
Ship hull for repair
Integrated circuit

Natural sciences

DNA molecule
Schematic representation of a helium atom: two electrons orbit a nucleus made up of two protons and two neutrons

Agricultural Sciences


Plato and Aristotle , detail from the fresco The School of Athens by Raphael

law Sciences

Social sciences

5-phase model of demographic transition

Structural sciences

Isaac Newton : Principia Mathematica (Frontispiece)
1-band Turing machine

(Christian) theology

Christianization of Europe: brown up to 600, green up to 800, red up to 1100, yellow up to 1300


The simple economic cycle between households and companies

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