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The air-conditioning is a branch of the supply equipment with the task of air temperature, humidity and quality (CO 2 content) in a space to the desired values to control .

By air conditioning systems , the influences of inner (heat sources such as people, IT, lighting) and external loads (sunlight transmission heat losses or gains) can be compensated by the course of the air duct heat off (cooling) or supplied (heating), increased moisture (wet ) or lowered (dehumidify) and the media used (air, water) are transported.

Air-conditioning technology is decisive for the quality of stay in a wide variety of usage areas, such as office and residential buildings, production facilities, warehouses, greenhouses, vehicles or in process technology (wind tunnels, testing technology, climatic chambers).

For example, the following applies to the air in offices:

  • Room air temperature between 19 and 26 ° C,
  • Humidity between 30 and 70%,
  • the air movement should be draft-free. In comfort areas (e.g. office and meeting rooms), indoor air velocities below 0.2 m / s are usually required.

Since heating engineering is traditionally concerned with heating and ventilation technology with the ventilation of buildings, the area of ​​application of air conditioning technology is narrowed in some contexts to cooling and humidifying and dehumidifying room air. In most climate zones, however, it is increasingly important to take an interdisciplinary approach in order to develop sustainable, energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling technology.

In Germany , DIN EN 13779 - Ventilation of non-residential buildings - General principles and requirements for ventilation, air conditioning and room cooling systems came into force in October 2009 for the indoor climate and the categorization of air pollutants .

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