Hermann Recknagel (engineer)

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Hermann Recknagel (born January 30, 1869 in Munich , † May 17, 1919 in Munich) was an important heating and air conditioning technician and the founder of Recknagel , a manual on heating and air conditioning that has been published annually since 1897 .

Professional background

Recknagel studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich and then worked for Sulzer in Winterthur . His main interest was ventilation problems, such as the preparatory work to ventilate the Simplon tunnel , and dust removal problems such as those in foundries and fettling shops . In 1893 he received German and Austrian patents to control draft in ventilation ducts. At the invitation of Prof. Hermann Rietschel , the founder of heating and air conditioning technology, he worked for about two years at his company Rietschel & Henneberg in Berlin. In 1898 he founded his own company in Munich, which installed heating and ventilation systems of all sizes. In 1909 he left the company and settled in Berlin as a consulting engineer. Recknagel died after a serious illness, only 50 years old, on May 17, 1919 in Munich.

The bar

In 1897 he published the 173-page calendar for health technicians , which was subsequently expanded and reissued annually. In 1919, Recknagel's year of death, it was already 360 pages long; the 2009/10 edition has 2308 pages. From 1952 the so-called Recknagel , now as a pocket book for heating and ventilation , was published by Eberhard Sprenger. Ernst-Rudolf Schramek has been the editor since 1991.


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