Traffic engineering

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The transport technology developed as a science both for the passenger and for freight transport concepts and traffic management systems for all modes of transport (road, rail, air, water and pipelines ), designs and measured traffic facilities (from the traffic lights across the road planning to urban park space planning) and organizes traffic processes. The means of transport on the other hand (vehicles such as ships, planes or trains) are used in vehicle technologytreated. The transport technology used within companies (ports, airports, industry) is called conveyor technology .

Traffic engineering

  • is the science with which the traffic flow can be described: The traffic can be influenced with the methods of traffic engineering. E.g .: The control of traffic lights is a classic field of traffic engineering. In the last few years there have been a. Variable message sign systems and tele-information technology ( traffic telematics ) to directly influence the route chosen by road users (traffic information systems, traffic telematics).
  • is the designation for the technical areas in traffic in contrast to the sociological or economic areas, i.e. traffic engineering in the first mentioned meaning as well as traffic engineering , partly also traffic engineering and traffic planning .
  • is the abbreviation of the work area of ​​companies that are responsible for the construction, installation and maintenance of road traffic control and safety devices (sign boards, traffic lights, guard rails, etc.).
  • is one of the most important still direct state administration, at the state level with very close communal ties or at the communal level, subordinated influence on the common good with sometimes considerable effects on the attractiveness as well as the development and potential of land, built-up and undeveloped areas and regions. It is always responsible for the traffic flows regulated by the traffic technology to an administrative level specifying and commissioning.

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