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Kerstin Schmitt (* 1984 in Haßfurt ) is a German artist .


After graduating from high school, Kerstin Schmitt studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg from 2005 to 2010 and has since lived and worked as a freelance artist in Nuremberg with a focus on painting .


Artistically, Kerstin Schmitt deals, among other things, with questions about human identity in the digital age and in the consumer world. Her painterly work is characterized by ironic allusions and encodings, which extend to playful work titles. The artist's overstimulated inner world is bathed in glaring colors. The application of paint includes translucent acrylic painting as well as impasto oil paints. Different painting styles appear to be put together like a collage, making the subjects look like surreal set pieces of thought. Bathers and mermaids and mermaids, reminiscent of mythologies and fairy tales, form recurring motifs.

In addition to painting, art actions, which she documented with film and photography, play an essential role. In 2019 she uttered the phrase "All is art".

Exhibitions (selection)

  • 2009 class exhibition pupils from pupils from Beuys in Joseph Konsum, Leipzig
  • 2009 group exhibition Blaue Nacht, Akademie Galerie Nürnberg
  • 2009 group exhibition bathing and swimming in hall 14 Auf AEG, centrifuge Nuremberg
  • 2009 Group exhibition Emigration - Movement in the KunstRaum Weissenohe
  • 2009 nomination “Item” art prize, Ulm
  • 2010 Angermann with a class at the Institute for the Blind, Rückersdorf
  • 2011 Solo exhibition NARZISS [EN], Kunstraum Rosenstrasse, Fürth
  • 2012 Baden + similar body things, Kunstverein Weiden
  • 2012 Solo exhibition MeerJungFrauen und Männer, Galerie Hirtengasse BBK Nuremberg
  • 2013 Let's go into the water with a sound installation by Bastus Trump , Städtische Galerie Schwabach
  • 2014 nomination of the Eb Dietzsch Art Prize, Geraer Bank, Gera
  • 2014 group exhibition “An und Für sich”, KunstRaum Weissenohe
  • 2015 Solo exhibition SCHATZHUCHE, Langwasser community center in Nuremberg
  • 2016 Solo exhibition Between Fishes, POLY Gallery Karlsruhe
  • 2016 Group exhibition at Galerie Herrmann, Neumarkt
  • 2016 Group exhibition Insights 2.0 "Joy of Life", KunstRaum Weissenohe
  • 2017 Solo exhibition at Galerie H2, Erlangen
  • 2018 group exhibition WERKSCHAU, Hall 15 Auf AEG, Nuremberg
  • 2018 Solo exhibition "EXHIBITION", Galerie Herrmann, Neumarkt
  • 2019 group exhibition WERKSCHAU, Hall 15 Auf AEG, Nuremberg


  • 2007/08 DAAD scholarship Vienna
  • 2008 Oskar Karl Forster scholarship


  • 2009 Catalog for the annual exhibition of the AdBK Nuremberg
  • 2009 nowart. Catalog for the exhibition series in the Zentrifuge Nürnberg, Hall 14 Auf AEG, ISBN 978-3-00-028508-0 .
  • 2009 Emigration - Movement. Sculpture path and exhibition of fine arts in Weissenohe
  • 2011 Catalog for the exhibition NARZISS [EN] in the Kunstraum Rosenstrasse, Fürth
  • 2014 Catalog for the Eb Dietzsch Art Prize GERAER BANK eG, Gera, ISBN 978-3-931635-85-5 .
  • 2015 children's book app "Felix and the mysterious animal lexicon"
  • 2018 Manifest "ARTWORK To Go" (100 years after DADA), for the art campaign of the same name at "Offen Auf AEG"

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