Piano quintet

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Piano quintet: 2 violins, viola, cello and piano

The term piano quintet describes both an ensemble of piano and four other musicians as well as compositions for this line-up. The standard line-up is piano and four strings , but works for piano with winds are also known as piano quintets.

The instrumentation of the piano quintet as a chamber music formation did not emerge until the Romantic era , i.e. later than that of the piano quartet . As a rule, a piano is added to the usual string quartet line-up with 2 violins , viola and violoncello . The best-known and at the same time most important exception is the so-called trout quintet by Franz Schubert , in which only one violin, but in addition to the piano quartet, has a double bass . There aren't too many piano quintets, but they are mostly important masterpieces by the composers concerned.