Clamping sleeve

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A clamping sleeve with the dimensions 4 × 40 mm
Profile view of a clamping sleeve
Application example for a clamping sleeve , here as a pivot point of a handle on a clamping screw

A clamping sleeve is a metallic component that is used to secure or fasten as a pivot point for moving components or as a split pin .


The clamping sleeve is driven into a drilled hole that is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the clamping sleeve. By knocking into the small hole, the clamping sleeve is compressed a little. The spring force holds the clamping sleeve in the hammered hole and can, for. B. can be used as a pivot point between two components; the hole in the component that is to move freely on the clamping sleeve must be slightly larger than the clamping sleeve.


Clamping sleeves are mainly made from spring steel , sometimes also from stainless steel or brass .