Sainte-Croix Monastery (Apt)

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The Sainte-Croix (Apt) monastery was a French Roman Catholic monastery from 1234 to 1791 , first of the Benedictine nuns , from 1435 of the Cistercian nuns in Apt , Département Vaucluse .


A female member of the Provencal aristocratic family Simiane founded the Benedictine monastery of Sainte Croix ("Holy Cross") between Gargas and Roussillon in 1234 , which moved to the neighboring episcopal city of Apt in 1372 and in 1435 when the Cistercian monastery Mollégès was admitted (Peugniez, p. 323) has been. In 1757 the monastery took on the convent of the Cistercian convent of Saint-Pierre-du-Puy in Orange (Vaucluse) (Peugniez, p. 330) before it was closed in 1791 by the French Revolution .


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