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Packing suitcases or I pack my suitcase is child's play for two or more players, ages five and up, where a good memory is the most important thing.


The game consists of reporting on "packing a suitcase" and naming items that have already been packed in the suitcase. Before the start, agreements are made about the end of the game (5 rounds, until the 5th person is eliminated or the like). The participants agree on a person who will begin the story by saying, “I'll pack my suitcase and put… (any object) in it.” The next step is clockwise . The next player in each case repeats the entire sentence of his predecessor, including all the objects that he has named, and adds his own object. In turn, the players have to list all the items already mentioned in the correct order and add another item of their own to the end of the list. A player loses if he swaps items in their order or leaves them out. The following variants are known as "punishment":

  • The player delivers a deposit that can be redeemed later
  • The player is eliminated from the game
  • The player receives a (previously agreed) special task


A popular variant is to combine the mentioned objects with gestures that the next player also has to repeat. This variant became known through the comedy television show Alles keine oder ?! with Hugo Egon Balder and Hella von Sinnen . The addition of pantomime gives the bagpacking game an additional comical touch.

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