Commissioner Caïn

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Television series
German title Commissioner Caïn
Original title Cain
Country of production France
original language French
Year (s) since 2012
DEMD Productions, France Télévisions
length approx. 53 minutes
Episodes 68+ in 8+ seasons
genre Drama , crime film
idea Alexis Le Sec and Bertrand Arthuys
production Linda Chabert and Eddy Cherki (seasons 1–2), Sébastien Pavard (season 3-)
music Arland Wrigley and Matthieu Baillot (season 1), Arno Alyvan (seasons 2–5)
First broadcast October 5, 2012 (France) on France 2
first broadcast
February 12, 2020 on SuperRTL

Commissioner Caïn , in the French original just Caïn , is a French crime TV series that has been broadcast on France 2 since 2012. The German premiere was on February 12, 2020 on the SuperRTL broadcaster. The filming location and setting is Marseille .


Frédéric Caïn is a police officer in the rank of captain who has been in a wheelchair since a motorcycle accident he was responsible for. He is a cynical person with black humor who likes to move on the edge of legality in his investigations and who offends many people with his manner. At his side is Lieutenant Lucie Delambre. Caïns private life revolves around his ex-wife Gaëlle and his son Ben.



The Caïn episodes regularly have three to four million viewers in France. In 2012 Caïn received the Pyrénées d'Or award for the best series at the Festival des Créations Télévisuelles de Luchon .

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