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The Arbitration Commission in rail transport (SKE) is the Swiss Federal Council used the Commission with a mandate to disputes over the granting of network access and the calculation of the fee to be assessed for the use of rail infrastructure. It was used as a result of the railway reform that came into force in 1999, the core of which was the introduction of free network access.

Since 2004, the SKE has been taking on other tasks that deal with non-discriminatory network access. Furthermore, the SKE works in the international group for the quality improvement of rail freight traffic in the north-south corridor (International Group for Quality Improvement of Rail Freight Traffic on the North-South Corridor; IQ-C) as well as in the working group of the regulatory bodies of the European Union With.

The SKE has seven members and a secretariat in Bern . Administratively it is assigned to the DETEC General Secretariat , but is fundamentally independent. Patrizia Danioth Halter has presided over the SKE since January 1st, 2013.

The SKE is under the supervision of the Federal Council and the overall supervision of the Federal Assembly.

With the entry into force of the "Organization of the Railway Infrastructure" (OBI) package on July 1, 2020, the Arbitration Commission for Railway Transport SKE will be renamed the Commission for Railway Transport RailCom.

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