Commission for the modernization of German corporate co-determination

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The Commission for the Modernization of German Corporate Codetermination was a commission appointed by the Federal Government under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in 2005 to review and modernize corporate codetermination and was chaired by Kurt Biedenkopf . In 1967, Biedenkopf had already been appointed by the Chancellor of the Grand Coalition, Kurt Georg Kiesinger , as chairman of a commission for “co-determination in companies” .

In contrast to the first, the "second Biedenkopf Commission" consisted not only of academic members, but also of representatives from employers and employees. It had a total of nine members:

Since the commission could not find a consensus on its recommendations, the final report was published by the scientific members with the dissenting opinions of the employer and employee representatives.

The final report was massively criticized in the scientific reception because it violated scientific standards. In particular, the report fails to critically examine at least the results of the two expert groups of the commission as well as the state of affairs and disputes of the 2006 German Jurists' Conference on the same topic. The Commission therefore only delivered the "ordered result".

Individual evidence

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