New journal for labor law

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New journal for labor law

description Legal journal
publishing company Publishing house CH Beck
First edition 1984
Frequency of publication Fortnightly
Sold edition 7,893 copies
( IVW  Q2 / 2011)
Widespread edition 8,338 copies
( IVW  Q2 / 2011)
Editor-in-chief Achim Schunder
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The Neue Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht (NZA) is a legal journal . It was originally published in 1984 under the name Neue Zeitschrift für Arbeits- und Sozialrecht , also with the abbreviation NZA. The first issue of social law was spun off in 1992 in the Neue Zeitschrift für Sozialrecht (NZS). The impetus for this was provided by the then President of the Federal Social Court, Heinrich Reiter , who subsequently also became one of the founding editors of the NZS.

The NZA is published every fortnight by CH Beck . Achim Schunder, Jochen Wallisch and Martin Wildschütz are responsible for the editing.


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