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A community (from the Latin communitas , community, community) is usually understood in Christianity as a spiritual community . Communities of various kinds exist in many denominations of Christianity. The concept of the Vita communis has its roots in early Christian coenobism .


Communities can denominational or interdenominational be. The term community is used for different forms, for example:

  • for communities that consist only of men, only of women or also those that accept members of both sexes or families
  • for communities with a common place of residence ( monastery , convent , monastery , abbey , priory , beguinage , etc.), occasionally also for those in which the members live and work in their own place of residence
  • for communities whose members live in one seat but work in different places
  • The Hutterites living on Bruderhof hold a special position . This Anabaptist church fellowship lives in principle together. It is similar with the Bruderhöfer .


Communities usually have a clear organizational structure and leadership. The form in which religious vows or promises are made depends on the respective legal and life form of the community.

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