Komunistická strana Slovenska

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Komunistická strana Slovenska , abbreviated KSS , German Communist Party of Slovakia , is the name for several previous and current political parties in the former and present-day Slovakia and in the former Czechoslovakia .

Until 1939, the Slovak communists were only organized as a wing or faction within the all-Czechoslovak communist party Komunistická strana Československa (KSČ).

After 1939 there were several new foundations, spin-offs and mergers:

  • In 1939, with the establishment of the Slovak state Slovenská republika, the completely independent Komunistická strana Slovenska was founded, which existed until 1948
  • In 1948 the new Komunistická strana Slovenska emerged from the KSS, which was founded in 1939. However, it was not an independent organization, but a "regional organization of Komunistická strana Československa in Slovakia" and existed under this name until the end of 1990
  • In December 1990 the KSS was renamed Komunistická strana Slovenska - Strana Demokratieickej ľavice (KSS-SDĽ), in February 1991 it was renamed Strana Demokratieickej ľavice (SDĽ; German: Party of the Democratic Left) and gained semi-independent status within the KSČ
  • On April 7, 1992 the Czechoslovak KSČ went out and the Strana Demokratickej ľavice continued its work as an independent party
  • On March 6, 1991, SDĽ Komunistická strana Slovenska - 91
  • On March 19, 1991, Slovenska split from SDĽ Zväz komunistov
  • previously cleaved joined on August 29, 1992 Communist Party of Slovakia - 91 and Zväz komunistov Slovenska to a new Communist Party of Slovakia together
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