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Consequence (from Latin consequi , “to follow”, “to achieve”) is a - often compelling, but at least possible - conclusion. Depending on the context, more specific idioms are common.

Word usage

Also means "consequence" the consistency of action of a person. The opposite behavior is accordingly referred to as "inconsistent", for example if an announced action is omitted.


Described in terms of formal logic , a consequence is a relationship between, in the simplest case, two sentences, for example: if A is the case, then B must or will probably or can be the case. The relationship between the facts described by sentences A and B can be a logical necessity, but also e.g. B. a metaphysical necessity or a cause-consequence relationship described by natural laws or physical laws (see causality ).

Under the keyword akrasia (acting against better judgment) the case is discussed in which a person carries out an action, although they consider an alternative action to be better (at least superficially rationally). A classic example is eating sweets, although the affected person knows that it is harmful to their health and that they actually want to take care of their health.

Social sciences

In the context of social action , one speaks of “consequences” in the sense of positive or negative sanctions based on norms and conventions .

Educational science

Educational consequence describes pedagogically appropriate, noticeable consequences (consequences) for the behavior of a child, in particular rewards that are effective in learning for good efforts, didactic experiences and the conveyance of experience through understandable words and instructions. This does not include unreasonable consequences (harmful consequences, punishments that are viewed as harsh or consequences that are not related to the child's behavior in any obvious way).

Educational consistency, on the other hand, describes a way of dealing with the child that is based on consequences that are regarded as reasonable and that pursues the aim of promoting the child's personal development and keeping disputes and conflicts within limits.

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