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Konzipist or trainee is a professional title , which are predominantly in Austria-Hungary was used and is still used in Austria today.

It is and mostly a civil servant or employee who professionally assigns drafts and concepts (from Latin: conceptus = to summarize, concipere = to grasp, to take in), problem solutions, programs, theories etc. for his respective institution had to develop. As a preliminary step to this profession, you were a concept intern. The job title of the draftsman today corresponds most closely to a "project manager".

Franz Kafka had been working as a draftsman since 1910; he belonged to an operational department for which he had prepared himself by attending lectures on "Mechanical Technology" at the German Technical University in Prague . Franz Grillparzer was the clerk at the court library in 1812.

Among lawyers in Austria, “trainee” is still a common name for a trainee lawyer, in Germany the name for the trainee is “trainee lawyer” (§ 53 BRAO ), in Switzerland “substitute”.

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