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A = header; B = footer

The header is detached from the main text at the top (the header ) of text pages and is used for quick orientation or navigation within a written work. For example, the header text can give the author and title of the work, the paragraph number and name of the opened chapter or the page numbering and the title of the opened section in short form. In technical language , this is referred to as the running title . On hypermedia pages there are often navigation links at this point .

At the same orientation or navigation purposes of Header - as a running headline  -, a footer serve only is this at the bottom (to the foot ) of text pages. Whether a text is provided with a header, a footer or both, and which purpose information is distributed between them, is decided by the author or the editor. The English terms header or page header are also used, especially in the IT sector .

Roof beams

This term describes a line that may appear on the front page of a (printed) newspaper above its name; it refers to content in the editorial section.

Design in electronic word processing

Office software provides buttons for designing headers and footers. In its basic configuration, LaTeX offers the command to choose between simple page numbers in the page footer and, for example, live running headings in the page header. The additional package fancyhdr is popular to get closer to personal design ideas, similar to memoir and scrpage2 - cf. #Weblinks .\pagestyle{style-name}

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