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Page 191 of the Encyclopédie with running headings for both columns and the page

When running titles are titles of individual pages or columns of a document called. The running title is usually at the head - in the header - of the page or column, which is known as a column in technical terms . But they can also be in the footer .

A distinction is made between dead and living running headlines . A dead running title consists only of the page number or number in the header or footer and is also called column number or pagina . Dead headlines are not on the face of the type area counted and usually found in belletristic literature such as novels , use.

The living running title is used for scientific books and technical documentation . In addition to the page numbers, it contains information about the content , chapter or book titles. On the left side there is usually a short repetition of the chapter heading, and on the right side there is information about the page content. The running heads belongs to the area of the printing area .

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