Corps Landelijke Politiediensten

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The Korps Landelijke Politiediensten (KLPD) was the civilian nationwide police force of the European part of the Netherlands with around 4,500 employees until the beginning of 2013 . It went into the Corps Nationale Politie .


Various positions have been set up with the State Police Corps (Korps Landelijke Politiediensten - KLPD), such as water protection, rail and motorway police , Interpol liaison office, mounted police and a security service for government institutions and embassies. The KLPD is also responsible for the fight against organized crime and other overarching tasks.


Since a major police reform in 1994, the country was divided into 25 police regions (politieregio's), each with a regional corps (regiokorps). The Reichspolizei , established in 1945, was abolished due to the reorganization of the Dutch police in 1994 and the units and tasks of the regional police, the KLPD and the Marechaussee were housed. The head of the KLPD's corps has been subordinate to the Interior Minister since 2000 (previously the Ministry of Justice). Since December 1, 2007, Ruud Bik has been head of the corps.

At the beginning of 2013 there was another restructuring of the Dutch police force . Since January 1st 2013 the former 25 regional police corps, the Dutch National Police (Korps Landelijke Politiediensten) and the cooperation center of the Dutch police have formed a whole Dutch police force employing around 63,000 people. 10 police districts, each headed by a head, the national unit and the police service center form the new organization of the new corps. The police districts are

  1. Noord Nederland
  2. Oost Nederland
  3. Midden Nederland
  4. North Holland
  5. Amsterdam
  6. The hague
  7. Rotterdam
  8. Zeeland West Brabant
  9. East Brabant
  10. Limburg.

The new corps is headed by corps chief Gerad Bouman and his deputies Ruud Bik, Jannine van den Berg and Leon Kuijs. The restructuring is intended to ensure efficient work.

Other national police units

The ( Koninklijke Marechaussee ) with about 6,800 employees is organizationally part of the Dutch army as a separate armed forces and has tasks such as border protection, guarding the airports and personal protection for the royal family.

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