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Visitors at the Krämerbrücke

The Krämerbrückenfest is a street festival in the Thuringian capital of Erfurt .

It is held annually on the third weekend in June and describes itself as the largest old town festival in Thuringia . It was first held in 1975.

It is named after the Krämerbrücke , a main attraction of the city of Erfurt - once a medieval trading center, which was built on a bridge over the river Gera. The adjoining old town quarters are now also used as venues for the Krämerbrückenfest.

The focus of the Krämerbrückenfest is the " Medieval Market ". There are also demonstrations of old handicraft techniques, sword fights and exhibition fights, antics in the tradition of Hans Wurst and Till Eulenspiegel, as well as the appearance of petty singers . At the same time, there is a hype with modern fairground attractions on the Domplatz and numerous other stalls can be found throughout the old town.

The festival, which arose from a private initiative, is organized today by the cultural department of the city administration of Erfurt and has 100 to 150 thousand visitors.


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