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Kraneia ( Greek  Κράνεια ) is a figure in Greek mythology .

According to Pherenikos , a Greek epic of an indefinite, perhaps Hellenistic period, she was a hamadryad , one of those nymphs who live in trees and are closely connected with the fate of the tree. In the genealogy of the Hamadryads handed down by Pherenikos at Athenaios , she is a daughter of Oxylos , the son of Oreios , and his sister Hamadryas . Her sisters, whose names were handed down to Athenaios, were Karya , Balanos , Orea , Aigeiros , and Ptelea, Ampelos and Syke . In addition, according to Pherenikos, she had other sisters. The name of each of these daughters was the inspiration for the Greek name of a tree species, Kraneia for the cornel , Aigeiros for the black poplar , Ptelea for the elm and Balanos for the acorn .


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