Kratippos of Athens

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Kratippos of Athens ( Greek Κράτιππος Krátippos , Latinized Cratippus ) was an ancient Greek historian . He is said to have been in the late 5th / early 4th century BC. Have lived.

Very little is known about Kratippos. Dionysius of Halicarnassus reports that Kratippus was a contemporary of Thucydides and that his work, which dates back to 411 BC. Ends, continued. However, the work has not survived. Plutarch gave a brief summary of the contents. Accordingly, the work lasted until around the Battle of Knidos in 394 BC. And seems to have had a pro-Athenian tendency. Some researchers - for example Felix Jacoby - considered Kratippos as a later “fraudulent author” who was not a contemporary of Thucydides. However, others contradicted this on the basis of the tradition of the content. Today the vertigo hypothesis is considered refuted. Klaus Meister and other researchers consider Kratippos rather as an important historian. In current research, he is considered the most likely author of the Hellenica Oxyrhynchia .

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The Fragments of the Greek Historians No. 64



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