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A circle dance (also round dance ) is a dance in which the dancers are positioned in a circle. The term is used for the following types of dance:

  • Dances in which the dancers stand next to each other with their eyes towards the center of the circle and hold hands or shoulders, see Reigen (dance) .
  • Couple dances in which the couples move synchronously on a circular path. This type of dance is more common in folk dance than in modern ballroom dancing, e.g. B. in Low German folk dance and in round dance .
  • Dances by couples on a circular path with partner changing. The dancers move in opposite directions, e.g. B. the men in the dance direction, the women in the opposite direction. One example is the Rueda de casino .

In Bavaria, round dances are also dances for which no specific figure dance forms exist. The round dances include u. a. Ronde, waltz, polka, boarischer or the twofold .

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