Art riding

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Art riding

The Arts Horseback riding has become the end of the 18th century from the vaulting developed. While the horse runs in a circle when vaulting on a lunge, in art riding it can be moved freely in all gaits by the rider while the rider performs acrobatic exercises . A brisk gallop is often preferred.

In 1920, art riding was a sub-discipline of riding as a separate competition at the Olympic Games in Antwerp . It was also called figure riding. The competitions were rated as individual and team competitions. In the individual, the Belgian Jos Bouckaert won the gold medal in front of two French. Belgium also won the team competition ahead of France and Sweden .

Art riding is still often shown today as acrobatic riding in circus performances, the tradition of which goes back to the 18th century. For example, the performances of hippodramas by Philip Astley in London or the equestrian stunts in the Circus gymnasticus in Vienna were an integral part of European entertainment culture .

Individual evidence

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