Kunz Lutfried

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Kunz Lutfried was mayor of the imperial city of Heilbronn in 1402 .

Live and act

The Heilbronn family of Lutfried also appears in alternative names. In 1378 Konrad or Kunz Lutfried was a judge. On November 2, 1402, a purchase contract between Dieter von Berlichingen and the Franciscan monastery in Heilbronn, with Kunz Lutfried as mayor and his colleague Kunz Leyder, is sealed. In 1414, K. Lutfried is referred to as the grandfather of Hans Erer the Younger . In 1415, K. Lutfried is said to have entered into closer family relationships with other patricians from Heilbronn.

coat of arms

A coat of arms of the patrician family Lutfried exists.

Individual evidence

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