Lübeck Niederstadtbuch

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The Lübeck Niederstadtbuch is a collection of transcripts from the field of voluntary jurisdiction in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck , which were recorded by the city council clerks or notaries in the period from 1277 to 1863 .

The entry of legal transactions in the Niederstadtbuch increased legal certainty for those involved in legal transactions . In this respect, intensive use was made of the possibility of entering civil and commercial law contracts. The Niederstadtbuch was kept on the ground floor of the office building in Breite Straße north of the town hall. His 384 handwritten volumes are now in the archive of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck .

The name Niederstadtbuch arose in contrast to the city 's Oberstadtbuch, which is also kept by notaries and in which the land contracts were recorded. In contrast to the Niederstadtbuch, the Oberstadtbuch was kept on the first floor of the Lübeck town hall and covers the period from 1284 to 1818, after which the mortgage office was responsible for recording all dispositions of land in the state of Lübeck.

The historical processing of the Lübeck Upper and Lower Town Books began after they were initially considered lost, when they were found again by the legal historian Carl Wilhelm Pauli in 1834.

Similar city ​​books existed in other cities.

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