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Larsa was a city-state in Sumer , about 25 km southeast of Uruk . The current name of Larsa is Tell as-Senkereh .


Larsa was a Sumerian foundation and was in the 2nd millennium BC. BC under Akkadian rule. Larsa was the Sumerian sanctuary of the sun god Utu . 1763 to around 1745 BC In BC Larsa came under Babylonian hegemony. Around 1740 BC Chr. Larsa falls permanently to the Old-Babylonian Empire . The residence of a West Semitic dynasty was discovered in the hill of Senkere .

Larsa in the Bible?

Often in older research there is the thesis that Larsa is mentioned in Genesis (14: 1) as Ellasar with his king Arjoch . However, this thesis is outdated.

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