Leather card

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A leather card is an advertising medium that is used in the leather and furniture industry. It serves the end customer as a decision-making tool for choosing the right leather color and type.

With the help of the leather card, three points should be fulfilled for the customer. On the one hand, the customer should be able to get an idea of ​​the quality and type of leather . For this reason, the leather card contains at least one large piece of leather with an area of ​​at least 100 cm². This is only glued to one edge so that this large piece of leather can be lifted off the card. In this way, the customer can also view the leather from the underside and thus find out about the nature of the leather.

The leather card should also help the customer choose the color. For this purpose, a set of all popular and available leather colors is selected and presented on the leather card together with the manufacturer's name or order number. Since large leather and furniture manufacturers often have a very large range of leather on offer, only leather colors that are not particularly similar are included in the leather card. If the customer is particularly interested in a color or color direction, all colors from this style can be presented to the customer. Some manufacturers also produce so-called advanced leather cards in which a special color or style can be presented. In such a leather card, for example, all reddish shades are presented.

Finally, the card should inform the customer about the nature of the leather and usually also advertise leather as an animal product. For example, technical information on the leather used can be found in most leather cards. This includes points such as strength, lightfastness, tear resistance , pH value and adhesion of the finishing of the leather, but also buckling behavior and rub fastness as well as safety aspects such as flammability and resistance to acids and alkalis . In addition, information about the leather or the cleaning options is often given in the leather card. The advantages of a leather cover are also often conveyed, which for advertising reasons are usually not completely neutral.