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Under promotional material refers to the objectified form of the advertising message. It is transmitted to the target persons by advertising media .

Wilhelm Hill defines the advertising material as "the real, sensually perceptible appearance of the advertising message, for example the advertisement" . Nieschlag, Dichtl and Hörschgen describe it as "the advertising message transferred from the thought into the material" .

The large number of existing advertising media has so far resisted a generally accepted systematization. In a more recent overview, just under 100 traditional retail advertising materials  - subdivided into individual and volume advertising and grouped into linguistic, tonal, graphic, demonstrative, theatrical and objective advertising materials - are compiled; In addition, there are permanent additions to new advertising media in the new media (for example video clips, multimedia walls, info boards, RFID ads, advertising banners, weblogs, adverts, popups and wikis).

The most important traditional advertising media include:

The advertising material is selected within the media planning of an advertising campaign. The selection and design of an advertising medium depends on the target group and their interests, language usage and values.

Once you have decided on an advertising medium, the next step is to determine the advertising medium or advertising medium (called inter- and intra-selection).

The most common advertising media are magazines, TV or TV commercials, posters, vehicle promotions, catalogs, flyers, mailings, billboards, radio and advertising trailers.


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