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Limit plug gauge for bores (limit gauge)
Straight edge (form gauge)
Set of several gauge blocks (gauges)
Corner of hair

A gauge serves as a reference standard for predetermined dimensions and shapes. The teaching embodies the physical measure or the form ( measuring standard ). Gauges are used in metrology, production and assembly.

A teaching is used to test and not measure . Because with a gauge, no numerical value can be determined, but only the target condition (gauge) can be compared with the actual condition of the test object. Tolerances can either be found in the applicable standards or are determined according to design aspects.

Gauges are used to check standard dimensions. Their application usually contains fewer sources of error than a measurement and provides a clear statement (good or reject). A multi-level statement (two tenths exceeded, three tenths not yet reached) is also possible.

Adjustable gauges can be used to remove and transfer default dimensions. The default dimension can be taken from a sample or a 1: 1 representation, taken over by a measuring device or set directly. Lockable calipers and compasses , for example, are suitable as adjustable gauges .

Gauges in measurement technology as well as in mechanical and plant engineering usually consist of hardened tool steel , while the measuring surfaces are made of hard metal and are usually finely ground or lapped .

Combinations of teachings with measurement tools are often used as teaching called. For example, when a molded part adapted to the test item is provided with several dial indicators. In the automotive industry, for example, crankshafts, valve covers or bumpers are often measured at several points at the same time, and in some cases also aligned directly. The entire test or measuring device specially manufactured for a single part can then be referred to as a gauge.

The vernier caliper , often referred to as "vernier calipers" (southern German) or "sliding calipers" (Austrian), is usually used for measuring, but can often also be used as a gauge. Because if it has a locking screw or clamp, any number of identical parts can be checked for a preset dimension.

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