Measuring standard

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Publicly accessible etalons of various lengths on the outer wall of the Royal Greenwich Observatory

Measuring standards or etalon ( French étalon , sampling ') are teachings , measuring devices or elements thereof, fixed values or a sequence of fixed values of a measured variable representing. They are used

In the second function, the material measures are calibrated or calibrated with an indication of an uncertainty.

The basic DIN 1319 measurement technology defines measuring standards ( English material measure , French mesure matérialisée ): "Device that represents or delivers one or more fixed values ​​of a quantity."

Typical quantities for which measuring standards are used are: mass , spatial dimension , length , angle , surface dimension and the electrical quantities voltage and resistance .

Examples of physical measures

Six measures of measure from the
mens ponderia in Pompeii , a municipal facility used to control measures and weights (AD 79)

Individual evidence

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