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A unit of area, here one square meter , represented by PVC pipes on a meadow

A unit of area , also area unit or more precisely unit of area , is understood to be a unit of measurement for specifying the area of an area . A surface measure is used to measure or specify the content of an area in two dimensions , such as the surface of a body .

The determination of the content of an area ( planimetry ) can be done by determining how often a unit of area is contained in this area. A rectangle with side lengths a = 5 m and b = 3 m therefore has an area of ​​A = 15 m 2 . In the designation m 2 , the superscript number 2 means that there are two dimensions: length and width.

square meters

According to the international system , the area dimensions are derived from the meter and its parts as well as multiples in accordance with the meter convention . The basic unit is the square meter : 1 m 2 is the area of ​​a square with a side length of 1 m.


A centimeter consists of 10 millimeters , whereas a square centimeter consists of 100 square millimeters ( curse of dimensionality ).

Depending on the application, larger or smaller surface units are used. The following table provides an overview:

Surname conversion surface Abbr.
Square kilometre 1000 m x 1000 m 1,000,000 m 2 km 2
Hectares 100 m x 100 m 10,000 m 2 Ha
Ar 10 m 10 m 100 m 2 a
square meters 1 m x 1 m 1 m 2 m 2
Square decimeters 0.1m x 0.1m 0.01 m 2 dm 2
Square centimeters 0.01m x 0.01m 0.0001 m 2 cm 2
Square millimeters 0.001 m by 0.001 m 0.000001 m 2 mm 2

Other square measures still used today are: barn , square inches , square feet , square mile , acre , dunam , acre , rai , pyeong . Information on the area dimensions that were used in the past can be found in the article " Old dimensions and weights ". The article “ Size (area) ” provides an overview of objects of various dimensions .

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