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The International Meter Convention , in Switzerland the meter contract , is an international treaty concluded on May 20, 1875, in which the 17 signatory states "guided by the desire to secure international unification and the perfecting of the metric system" agreed the establishment and financing of some institutions - of the very first international scientific institutions. In addition, it was decided to produce standards ( original meter and original kilogram ) for the units of measurement "meter" and "kilogram". The contract does not contain an obligation to adopt the metric system by the signatory states.

The content of the contract was revised in 1921 at the 6th CGPM (Conférence générale des poids et mesures). Currently (January 13, 2020) 62 states are party to the Meter Convention. In addition, the CGPM has 41 “associated member states” which do not fully participate in the financing and do not have voting rights. In 1960 the International System of Units (SI) was introduced. Since 2000, the signing has been commemorated annually on May 20th, the day of measurement .


The Meter Convention established three bodies:

There are also ten “advisory committees” (“CC”), for example the “Comité consultatif d'électricité et magnétisme (CCEM)”, which was founded in 1927 as the first CC under the then name “Comité consultatif d'électricité (CCE)” has been.

Member states

Member states of the Meter Convention
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  • German Reich Law Gazette of September 5, 1876: International Meter Convention. May 20, 1875.

    First signatory in 1875

    Today's member states

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    Associated countries and economies

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    Individual evidence

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