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With everyday culture are customs , habits and objects of everyday life that are not considered culture within the meaning of visual art , music and literature in the interpretation by a defining elite ( high culture are perceived), respectively. Colloquially, there is also talk of mass culture .

Classification and use

Research into everyday culture is a central theme in folklore , sociology , cultural and media studies .

The term received a lot of attention in the 1960s in the context of semiotic , structuralist , sociological and philosophical debates, particularly through Roland Barthes . Objects of everyday cultural studies include: cinema , television , cars , bicycle culture , food culture , fashion , design , advertising , sport , objects of everyday use . Such topics or objects of everyday culture were read by Barthes as texts that have a surface and a deep structure, ie similar to literary texts that can be coded and interpreted .

A contemporary everyday culture is pop culture . As pop culture's power of definition grew, the dichotomy “everyday culture | High culture ”is also called into question in public opinion .

Everyday culture is also a theme in ethnographic museums and design museums.

In the area of international law and international cooperation, the UNESCO Convention for the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage deals with the subjects of living everyday culture, knowledge and skills of mankind.

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