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The Lexicon of Film Terms is the largest online technical dictionary for the film sector worldwide. It is operated by the University of Kiel .

Structure of the lexicon

The lexicon of film terms is designed in a glossary manner. With entries limited to one page, it is designed as an aid for everyday use by film scholars and cineastes. The lexicon brings together terms from five different areas:

  • Genera, genres, fabrics, motifs, figures
  • technical and craft idioms and terms
  • Concepts of cinema practice, production, performance
  • Institutions of film, production companies, studios, archives, societies, prizes, etc.
  • theoretical concepts, film studies

Due to the international nature of the film sector, many key words come from different languages. In special cases, foreign-language terms commonly used in German are also listed as references and some explanations of terms and linguistic history are given. Neighboring areas of the film sector such as television and radio, communication and media theory, advertising and reception research are also dealt with.

The film lexicon originally published by Bender Verlag was updated in 2011 by Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Wulff will continue to be responsible for the Institute for Modern German Literature and Media at Kiel University.

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