Lhamo Latso

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Lhamo Latso
Lhamo La-tso
Geographical location Gyaca County in Shannan Governorate in Tibet ( PR China )
Drain Yarlung Zangbo
Coordinates 29 ° 31 '1 "  N , 92 ° 44' 17"  E Coordinates: 29 ° 31 '1 "  N , 92 ° 44' 17"  E
Lhamo Latso (Tibet)
Lhamo Latso
Altitude above sea level 4950  m
surface 23 hectares
length 1 km
width 200 m
Catchment area 6 km²


"Holy lake"

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The Lhamo Latso ( Chinese  拉姆拉 错 , Pinyin Lāmǔ Lācuò ; or Lhamo La-tso ) is a small glacial lake in the southeast of the Tibet Autonomous Region ( PR China ).

The Lhamo La-tso is located 150 km east of the regional capital Lhasa in circles Gyaca the administrative district of Shannan .

The one kilometer long and 200 meter wide oval-shaped lake is located at an altitude of about 4950  m in the mountains of the Transhimalaya . The lake lies in a short side valley that is surrounded by mountains up to 5500  m high. The drain is at the northern end of the lake. The lake is drained by a tributary of the Yarlung Zangbo , which runs 40 km further south.

The Lhamo Latso is considered a "holy lake". The female deity Pelden Lhamo is associated with the lake. In the past, the Dalai Lamas traditionally made a pilgrimage to this lake to get visions on the lake's surface.

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