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Basic data

developer Jan Kneschke
Publishing year March 2003
Current  version 1.4.55
(Jan. 31, 2020)
operating system Unix derivatives
programming language C.
category Web server
License BSD license
German speaking No

Lighttpd (mostly spoken as Lighty ) is a free web server developed by Jan Kneschke . It implements all the important functions of a web server and, like Apache , can be expanded with modules .


The server relies on asynchronous communication and process multiple requests in a single operating system - process . This enables the web server to process several parallel requests more efficiently and to place less load on the CPU and memory than a multi-process design, for example with the Apache web server . This is particularly useful when large files are being accessed by many users at the same time.

PHP is connected using FastCGI . Perl , Python or Ruby can also be addressed via the SCGI interface. Pages can be generated automatically using the CML (originally: Cache Meta Language) module in Lua , server-side includes are also supported by a module.


According to Netcraft, Lighttpd is spreading quickly and in the "Web Server Survey" of March 2007 made it to 4th place in the ranking with around 1.4 million domains . However, this rating also includes a number of "parked" domains, thousands of which are often on a server, which means that changing large domain dealers can have a major impact on the numbers. In August 2010, the spread was 1.8 million domains.



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