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Linda Thompson (left) at the 1982 Fairport Convention.

Linda Thompson (actually: Linda Pettifer ; also known as Linda Peters ; born August 23, 1947 in the London Borough of Hackney ) is a British folk singer.

Live and act

Under the name Linda Peters, she recorded two singles as one half of the duo Paul & Linda together with Paul McNeill in 1968, both of which flopped. After working as a session musician and singer in folk clubs for a few years, she joined forces with various greats from the British folk rock scene in late 1971 to form the short-lived band The Bunch , on whose only album Rock On she played. There she first worked with Richard Thompson , whom she had met in 1969.

In 1972 she supported Thompson on his solo debut Henry the Human Fly, and eventually the two married. In 1974 Richard and Linda Thompson released I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, their first album together, which was followed by many more (for more information see Richard Thompson ). However, in 1982, after the release of Shoot out the Lights , the couple's most successful album, the two surprisingly split, both on a musical and personal level.

In the following years Linda Thompson worked as an actress in the theater until she signed a contract with Warner Brothers in 1985 . As a result, her solo debut One Clear Moment appeared in the same year . However, a further singing career stood in the way of a mental disorder that made it impossible for Thompson to speak or even to sing. Because of this problem, a project for CBS Records had to be canceled in the late 1980s.

Thompson then withdrew from the music scene and opened a jewelry store in London. She also continued to work as a songwriter. She wrote the country song Telling Me Lies with Betsy Cook , which appeared in 1987 on Dolly Partons , Linda Ronstadt's and Emmylou Harris ' Trio and which was nominated for a Grammy . In 2002, after a 17-year break from the studio, Fashionably Late was released , a second solo work by Thompson, which had since found her voice again.

In 2007 the CD Versatile Heart followed, which contains traditional folk songs and her own compositions as well as the song Beauty , which Rufus Wainwright wrote especially for her and on which she is accompanied by Antony .


Richard and Linda Thompson

  • 1974: I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (UK: silversilver)
  • 1975: Hokey Pokey
  • 1975: Pour Down Like Silver
  • 1978: First Light
  • 1979: Sunnyvista
  • 1982: Shoot Out The Lights

Richard and Linda Thompson (live)

  • In Concert 1975 (not published until 2007)

Solo albums

  • 1985: One Clear Moment
  • 1996: Dreams Fly Away
  • 2001: Give Me A Sad Song
  • 2002: Fashionably Late
  • 2007: Versatile Heart
  • 2013: Won't be long now

Singles - Richard and Linda Thompson

  • 1974: I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight / When I Get to the Border
  • 1975: Hokey Pokey / I'll Regret it in the Morning
  • 1978: Don't Let a Thief Steal Into Your Heart
  • 1979: Georgie on the Spree / Civilization


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