List of Tianjin Labor Camps

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Re-education through labor is a system of labor camps in the People's Republic of China . This list includes such labor camps in Tianjin .

Surname Company Name City / County / District Village City founding year Comments
Re-education through work Dasuzhuang Dagang Dasuzhuang
Labor re-education Jianxin Hexi Disbanded, detainees transferred to Tianjin Women's Labor Reform
Re-education through work Qingbowa Qingbowa Farm Xiqing 1980
Re-education through labor Shuangkou Confession
Labor Re-education Banqiao of Tianjin Township Machine parts factory Banqiao Farm Dagang 1955 Current name since November 2003. It was claimed that there were Falun Gong prisoners there.
Tianjin Women's Labor Re-education Dagang 2001
Re-education through labor Yushan Ji