List of architectural monuments in the Cologne district of Meschenich

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The list of the items shown in the list of monuments monuments on the territory of the district of Cologne-Meschenich , district Rodenkirchen , North Rhine-Westphalia .

Note: The order of the monuments in this list is based on the street names and can alternatively be sorted by house number, monument list number or name.

The basis is the official Cologne list of monuments (as of August 16, 2012), which lists monuments and monument areas . These can be, for example, sacred buildings , residential and half-timbered houses, historic manors and aristocratic buildings, industrial facilities, crossroads and other small monuments as well as tombs and graves that have a special meaning for the history of Cologne. The basis for inclusion in the official monument lists is the Monument Protection Act of North Rhine Westphalia .

image designation location description construction time Einge-
former courtyard
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former courtyard Meschenich
Alte Kölnstrasse 4–6
August 30, 1982 1077
Kampshof courtyard
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Kampshof courtyard Meschenich
Brühler Landstrasse 402
March 18, 1991 5950
Church of St. Blaise
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Church of St. Blaise Meschenich
Brühler Landstrasse 425
September 7, 1982 1102
New Engeldorfer Hof courtyard
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New Engeldorfer Hof courtyard Meschenich
Brühler Landstrasse 549
July 23, 1992 6575
Alt-Engeldorfer Hof and wayside shrine
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Alt-Engeldorfer Hof and wayside shrine Meschenich
Engeldorfer Strasse 75–107
December 16, 1986 3997
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Langenackerhof Meschenich
Engeldorfer Straße (without number)
November 26, 1985 3342
Upload a picture of this monument directly Courtyard Meschenich
Meschenicher Strasse 2
House no. not available in the Meschenich district August 30, 1982 1077
Trenkebergstrasse cemetery
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Trenkebergstrasse cemetery Meschenich
Trenkebergstraße (without number)
July 1, 1980 214

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