List of natural monuments in Siebeldingen

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The list of natural monuments in Siebeldingen calls in the municipality of Siebeldingen designated natural monuments (as of June 7, 2013).

No. designation location description image
ND-7313-176 Krappenfelsen northwest of Eußerthal
extensive natural monument (0.2 ha); Red sandstone formation on the hilltop Krappenfelsen
ND-7337-239 Pond with poplar border at the Geilweilerhof
extensive natural monument; Populus sp. Siebeldingen Weiher 1.jpg
ND-7337-240 Linden trees in and around the cemetery Siebeldingen, Dagobertstrasse
Tilia sp. Siebeldingen Lindenallee 4.jpg


  1. partly on the Landau district ( Godramsteiner Wald )

Individual evidence

  1. Nature Conservation Administration Rhineland-Palatinate: Landscape Information System of the Nature Conservation Administration Rhineland-Palatinate ; Retrieved June 7, 2013

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