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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the local community Siebeldingen
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Siebeldingen highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 13 '  N , 8 ° 3'  E

Basic data
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
County : Southern Wine Route
Association municipality : Landau country
Height : 163 m above sea level NHN
Area : 6.07 km 2
Residents: 1029 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 170 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 76833
Area code : 06345
License plate : SOUTH
Community key : 07 3 37 073
Association administration address: To 44 No. 31
76829 Landau in the Palatinate
Website :
Local Mayor : Peter Klein
Location of the community in Siebeldingen in the southern Weinstrasse district
Kirrweiler (Pfalz) Kirrweiler (Pfalz) Kirrweiler (Pfalz) Maikammer Sankt Martin (Pfalz) Herxheim bei Landau/Pfalz Herxheimweyher Rohrbach (Pfalz) Insheim Bornheim (Pfalz) Essingen (Pfalz) Hochstadt (Pfalz) Offenbach an der Queich Billigheim-Ingenheim Birkweiler Birkweiler Böchingen Böchingen Böchingen Eschbach (Pfalz) Frankweiler Frankweiler Göcklingen Heuchelheim-Klingen Ilbesheim bei Landau in der Pfalz Ilbesheim bei Landau in der Pfalz Impflingen Knöringen Leinsweiler Ranschbach Siebeldingen Siebeldingen Walsheim Walsheim Walsheim Bad Bergzabern Barbelroth Birkenhördt Böllenborn Dierbach Dörrenbach Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach Hergersweiler Kapellen-Drusweiler Kapsweyer Klingenmünster Niederhorbach Niederotterbach Oberhausen (bei Bad Bergzabern) Oberotterbach Oberschlettenbach Pleisweiler-Oberhofen Schweigen-Rechtenbach Schweighofen Steinfeld (Pfalz) Vorderweidenthal Albersweiler Albersweiler Annweiler am Trifels Annweiler am Trifels Dernbach (Pfalz) Eußerthal Gossersweiler-Stein Münchweiler am Klingbach Ramberg (Pfalz) Rinnthal Silz (Pfalz) Völkersweiler Waldhambach (Pfalz) Waldrohrbach Wernersberg Altdorf (Pfalz) Altdorf (Pfalz) Altdorf (Pfalz) Böbingen (Pfalz) Böbingen (Pfalz) Böbingen (Pfalz) Burrweiler Burrweiler Edenkoben Edenkoben Edesheim Edesheim Edesheim Edesheim Flemlingen Flemlingen Flemlingen Freimersheim (Pfalz) Gleisweiler Gleisweiler Gommersheim Gommersheim Gommersheim Großfischlingen Hainfeld (Pfalz) Hainfeld (Pfalz) Hainfeld (Pfalz) Kleinfischlingen Rhodt unter Rietburg Rhodt unter Rietburg Roschbach Roschbach Venningen Venningen Venningen Weyher in der Pfalz Weyher in der Pfalz Landau in der Pfalz Landau in der Pfalz Landau in der Pfalz Landkreis Germersheim Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis Landkreis Bad Dürkheim Neustadt an der Weinstraße Landkreis Bad Dürkheim Landkreis Kaiserslautern Landkreis Südwestpfalz Frankreichmap
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Siebeldingen is a municipality in the Südliche Weinstrasse district in Rhineland-Palatinate . It belongs to the Landau-Land association, which has its administrative headquarters in the city of Landau in the Palatinate . A landmark of the wine village is the simultaneous church in the center with its 30 meter high, leaning tower.



The community lies within the Weinstrasse region . To the municipality in addition to around eight kilometers of the town center located in an uninhabited part of northwest Palatinate Forest lies exclave Siebeldingen Forest , which has 357 hectares of an area larger than the actual municipality. Neighboring communities are - clockwise - Frankweiler , Landau in der Pfalz , Birkweiler and Albersweiler .

Siebel things include the residential places nursery Geilweilerhof, Johanneshof, Kindinger mill / Untermühle, Marie Felderhof, tennis center in Wiesental and the winery golden vines mountain in the sunshine.

Elevations and waters

The Queich runs in a west-east direction through the middle of the community. The Dürrentalbach rises in the exclave and then flows southeast towards Eusserthal . To the right of him is the 444.4 meter high Bäreneck .


The place was first mentioned in a document in 1219 when King Friedrich II granted Annweiler town rights .

In the Middle Ages there were the places Geilweiler, Kintingen, Kolchenbach and Siebeldingen in what is now the district. The Kindingermühle is still reminiscent of the village of Kintingen, which disappeared in the 16th century. Kolchenbach was incorporated into the municipality in 1828.

Siebeldingen belonged to the Electoral Palatinate until the end of the 18th century .

From 1798 to 1814, when the Palatinate was part of the French Republic (until 1804) and then part of the Napoleonic Empire , Siebeldingen was incorporated into the canton of Annweiler and was the seat of a mairie that also included Birkweiler and Godramstein . In 1815 the community had a total of 861 inhabitants. In the same year, Austria was struck. Just one year later, the place, like the entire Palatinate, changed to the Kingdom of Bavaria . During this time the community moved to the canton of Landau . From 1818 to 1862 Impflingen was a member of the Landau Landau inspectorate ; from this the district office of Landau emerged.

From 1939 the place was part of the Landau district . After the Second World War , Siedeldingen became part of the then newly formed state of Rhineland-Palatinate within the French occupation zone . During the first Rhineland-Palatinate administrative reform changed the community on June 7, 1969 in the newly created district Landau-Bad Bergzabern, in 1978 in South County Wine Trail is renamed . In 1972 the community was assigned to the newly formed Landau-Land association.


Town hall in the center of the village, behind it the school house built in 1889 and the simultaneous church of St. Quintin

Municipal council

The council in Siebeldingen consists of 16 council members, who in the local elections on May 26, 2019Template: future / in 3 years in a majority vote were elected, and the honorary mayor as chairman. In the previous election in 2014, the council members were elected in a personalized proportional representation.


Peter Klein became the mayor of Siebeldingen in January 2012. In the direct election on May 26, 2019, he was confirmed in his office for another five years with a share of 85.13% of the vote. Klein's predecessor was Gregor Hartmann.

coat of arms

Coat of arms of Siebeldingen
Blazon : "In gold, a double-headed black eagle, above it a floating golden imperial crown."

Culture and sights

Simultaneous Church of St. Quintin

On September 13, 2012, Deutsche Post issued a stamp with a motif from Siebeldingen on the subject of “Autumn Holidays in Germany”. You can see a landscape photograph taken by the “Malerwinkel” in the vineyard “In the Sunshine”.

The Siebeldinger Hütte, operated by the Palatinate Forest Association , is located in the Siebeldinger Wald exclave .

The following regular events take place in Siebeldingen

  • Father's Day archery tournament in May
  • Kerwe in June
  • Fassschlubberfest in July / August
  • Culinary vineyard hike in September

Economy and Infrastructure


Vineyards in the area of ​​Siebeldingen

Siebeldingen is a wine-growing village and as such part of the Palatinate wine-growing region . On site there are the individual layers Im Sonnenschein , Mönchspfad and Rosenberg . The Rebholz winery is located in the municipality .

That the Federal Center for Breeding Research on Cultivated belonging Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof is located in the wine-growing village Siebeldingen. Another well-known company in the area is the table tennis accessories company Joola .


Siebeldingen has been connected to the Landau – Rohrbach railway line since 1874 ; the corresponding stopping point and former train station Siebeldingen-Birkweiler is already within the boundaries of the neighboring municipality of Birkweiler. The community has been part of the Rhein-Neckar transport association (VRN) since 1996 .

Until 2012, the community was connected to the bus route network outside of the timetable via bus line 523 operated by SüdwestBus , which traveled the Landau − Godramstein − Annweiler − Hauenstein route, and the call taxi line 5966. In the course of the restructuring of the offer in the region around Landau this was replaced by the bus line 520 .

South of the community is the B 10 , with direct traffic connections at the western exit of Birkweiler. The German Wine Route also runs here . The cycle route of the same name and the Queichtal cycle path also pass through Siebeldingen, among others.


Honorary citizen

  • Reinhold Kültzer (1931–2018) was honored in 2010 for his diverse voluntary activities in local politics, the Catholic Church and associations. Member of the local council since 1974, he was local mayor from 1984 to 1990.

Sons and daughters of the church

Personalities who have worked on site

  • Kris Menace (* 1980), international music producer and disc jockey


  • Hans Ammerich (Ed.): Siebeldingen. From the past and present of a wine town in southern Palatinate . Verlag Petra Knecht, Landau 1999, ISBN 3-930927-51-9 .

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