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Flag of a Lord Lieutenant today

Lord Lieutenant [ lɔːd lɛfˈtɛnənt ], German also lord lieutenant , is the title of the personal representative of the British monarch in the administrative units of the United Kingdom .

In the past, each of the traditional counties had a Lord Lieutenant. In England the area that is associated with a Lord Lieutenant is called " ceremonial county " ( ceremonial county hereinafter). In Wales , the corresponding areas, eight in number, are referred to as " preserved counties of Wales ". In Scotland they are called " lieutenancy areas ".

In Ireland , the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland was the head of British administration until the Irish Free State was proclaimed in 1922 , which culminated in what is now the Republic of Ireland .

The duties of the Lord Lieutenant include:

  • the organization, accompaniment and formal greeting of members of royal families and guests of state when visiting their territory
  • the handing over of orders and decorations on behalf of the British monarch and advice in the nomination process for these awards
  • the support and promotion of social and charitable activities in their area of ​​responsibility
  • the connection to local units of the British armed forces and the assigned cadet schools and organizations as well as civil protection units
  • chaired the regional Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace

The official title for a subordinate and deputy of a Lord Lieutenant is Deputy Lieutenant (DL).

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