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Luding (the name derived from Latin : ludere = "play") is an ad-free online - database which games , game designers and game publishers cataloged. More than 30,000 games, 8,500 authors and 4,500 publishers are registered (as of June 2018). This makes it the largest German-language web game database. There are mainly German-language games, but also some English-language games. There are also reviews for many gamesSaved by various reviewers in German or English or entered as a reference to other websites. Over 65,000 reviews are linked here (as of June 2018).


The Munich-based programmer Mario Boller-Olfert from Hamburg created the game database originally called GameBase , which was later renamed Luding. From 1997 the database was mirrored once a month by Stefanie Kethers in Germany at RWTH Aachen University . When in 1998 Boller-Olfert wanted to give up the database for reasons of time, Stefanie Kethers and Jörg Henrichs took over the further maintenance. Until December 2013, it was operated entirely at RWTH Aachen University. After several revisions of the underlying software, the database moved to the domain in 2001 . From 2003 to the end of 2013, the database was maintained exclusively by Jörg Henrichs. Game designer Frank Gartner ( H @ LL9000 ) has now taken over the maintenance of the database and operates the website.

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