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Alex Randolph (right) plays the parlor game Twixt he developed at the 1998 Göttingen game designers' meeting

As game designers (including game authors called) used to describe people who board games design.


Reinhold Wittig coined the name “game designer” in his edition Guinea Fowl at the end of the 1970s - to distinguish it from the “game inventor”. The games in question are so-called author games . In computer games, the game designer is called the game developer . The mostly chronological list of published games by a game designer is called a ludography .


Every year, two important events take place in Germany where renowned game designers and newcomers meet representatives of the game publishers: in spring the game designers 'meeting in Haar near Munich and in early summer the Göttingen game designers' meeting .

The interest group for game designers is the game authors' guild. V. (SAZ).

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