Ludwig Briand

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Ludwig Briand (born May 9, 1981 in Soisy-sous-Montmorency near Paris ) is a French actor .


As a ten-year-old Briand played the role of Gavroche in the musical Les Misérables . This was followed by another role in a musical (Paul and Virginie) , as well as an appearance in an episode of the television series Nestor Burma .

In 1994 Briand played the title role of "Mimi-Siku" in the French film Little Indian - The Big City Indian (Un indien dans la ville) , which made him known to a wider public.

In 1995 Briand played another role in a musical (Petit Arthur) .

Other roles for television followed, including playing "Masala" in 1996 in the fifth part of the Italian / English television film series Princess Fantaghirò . In 1997, Briand was replaced by Guillaume Romain after six episodes of the television series Un et un font six and withdrew from the film business.

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